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Understanding Tax Consultant

A tax consultant is a person who provides tax consulting services to taxpayers. But, why do we need the services of a tax consultant?

To help answer these questions, here is a brief review of tax consultants that you need to read. It is hoped that you will gain a basic understanding of this profession so that it can help you decide whether or not the services of a tax consultant are important.
Understanding Tax Consultant

Tax Consultant is a person who provides tax consulting services to taxpayers in the context of exercising their rights and fulfilling their tax obligations in accordance with tax laws and regulations.

That is, a tax consultant is a person in charge of helping taxpayers take care of all matters related to taxes. That way, those who use these services can carry out their tax obligations properly.

In Indonesia, many companies have used the services of tax consultants in the context of company efficiency. The following services are usually provided by tax consultants to their service users:

1. Tax compliance. Tax consultants take care of matters related to the tax compliance of their clients such as calculating, paying and reporting taxes.

2. Tax planning. Tax consultants perform tax planning services aimed at optimizing client profits.

3. Examination of Tax Reports. This is a service for evaluating data related to the emergence of a tax burden that is detrimental to the client company.

4. Assistance in Examination. Tax consultants have a responsibility to represent or assist clients during tax audits. This is done because not a few clients who do not understand the problem of taxation. Tax consultants also help prepare the data/documents needed during the audit.

5. Consultation. Tax consultants offer consulting services on tax issues.

6. Tax refunds. If the client requires a tax overpayment refund (restitution), a tax consultant can assist in the implementation starting from data preparation, submission of refunds, inspections to the final process of receiving the excess tax refund.

7. Settlement of tax disputes. Tax consultants can provide tax dispute resolution services. For example, if the client plans to file a tax objection, appeal, and so on..