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Tips for Choosing a Tax Consultant

Tax is an important element in the economy. Therefore, taxpayers are required to fulfill their obligations to pay taxes with full responsibility.

To simplify the process of fulfilling this obligation, taxpayers can submit their tax affairs to a tax consultant. However, taxpayers must examine the credibility of the tax consultant.

Most people still do not understand the role of a tax consultant. Many think that tax consultants only help taxpayers to understand and understand tax regulations.

However, this is not the case. The duties and roles of a tax consultant are not that simple. Compared to an employer, a tax consultant is more accurately called a partner.

If you are busy and not very familiar with tax regulations, you can authorize a tax consultant to handle your tax obligations.
The tax consultant will handle it from preparing, calculating, and even reporting taxes. It is highly recommended for companies to use the services of a tax consultant in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

You must choose a tax consultant who has a license to practice from the Director General of Taxes. The tax consultant you choose must also be transparent and honest. Make honesty the main benchmark for choosing a tax consultant. Apart from that, you can also consult with friends or family who are in the same situation.

Benefits of Using Tax Consultant Services

The benefits are many, including:

  • More efficient. You can save energy and time.
  • The error rate is very small. The risk of error can be minimized.
  • The company does not have to bear the responsibilities related to tax administration.
  • It is safer because the tax consultant understands the audit procedures so that they can anticipate miscalculations that have the potential to harm the company.
  • If a problem occurs, it can be addressed immediately without wasting the company leadership’s time.
  • The company’s focus is unbranched. Companies can focus on business development processes.
    Companies can do tax planning (Tax Planning)

The cost of using the services of a tax consultant depends on the type of service you get. Actually, finding the right and trusted tax consultant is not difficult. You can search for it using various sources.

Tips for Choosing a Tax Consultant

To choose a tax consultant, you need to find complete data and information. However, you must remain vigilant because there is a possibility that irresponsible people will take advantage of your situation to cause material losses.

Therefore, there are several things that you need to consider when choosing a tax consultant, including:

  • Choose a tax consultant who is registered and has a license to practice from the Director General of Taxes. Tax consultants also have an association, namely the Indonesian Tax Consultants Association.
  • Choose a tax consultant who works without breaking the law. A good tax consultant will choose to do tax avoidance (Tax Avoidance) legally, not tax evasion (Tax Evasion) which is illegal.
  • If there is a tax consultant who offers services for evasion, evasion, and tax evasion, then do not accept the offer. This has a big risk. If the action is known, there will be a risk in the form of sanctions that must be borne.
  • Choose a committed tax consultant. Tax consultants who are committed to maintaining the confidentiality or privacy of their clients properly. In this case, the main thing to rely on is trust. There is a need for trust between taxpayers and tax consultants.

A good tax consultant not only makes fiscal financial reports based on commercial financial reports, but also offers tax planning services (Tax Planning). So, not only do tax calculations.

Taxpayers need to find out the track record of the tax consultant to be selected. A good tax consultant will never advise his clients to do illegal acts, such as tax evasion which is a clear violation of the Taxation Act.
Taxpayers need to do a short search. Currently, many tax consultants have official websites or websites that you can access. For example, the official website of PT Great Performance.

You can find out what services and services a tax consultant provides. You can choose a service that suits your needs.

So, it can be concluded that the tips for choosing the right tax consultant are:

  • Choose a tax consultant who has a practice license from the Director General of Taxes
  • Choose a tax consultant who obeys tax laws
  • Choose a committed tax consultant
  • Choose a tax consultant who has accountability
  • Choose a tax consultant who has a good track record